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Hair Restoration

Non-Surgical Hair Fall Treatment

Are you bothered with the growing amount of hair fall you experience every day? Worried you might lose all you hair? Well turns out, you are not alone. Most individuals like you, both men and women, in urban lifestyles are battling a growing problem of mild to severe hair fall. Hair fall as such is a natural condition and all human beings lose hairs and grow new one back. In recent studies, people in urban setups (and metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc.) experience a greater amount of hair fall.

We at Gloss provide various non-surgical treatments for hair fall.

PRP Treatment for Hair fall

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a preparation with a particularly high concentration of platelets (PLT) in a limited volume of plasma. PRP contains growth factors and bioactive proteins that regulate differentiated cells, modulating cell growth and activity, all of which are vital for tissue regeneration and the fabrication of engineered tissues. In PRP therapy, autologous PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood. In the course of PRP therapy, concentrated PRP is either injected or applied locally to improve tissue conditions and wound healing.

The Hair growth kit enables the safe and comfortable generation of particularly effective biologically enhanced autologous Platelet Rich Plasma. By means of the unique Hair growth kit PRP can be enhanced with further important components of the patient’s own blood which keep the growth factors longer active and make the PRP therapy with the Hair Growth Kits especially effective.

Stem cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy treatment is one of the best non-surgical hair fall treatment options in a city like Mumbai. Almost all the health sufferings of individuals are rooted to the supplemental imbalance in our bodies. When the body does not get all the needed vitamins or supplements, imbalances tend to happen which in turn causes things like hair fall. The hormones in every individual’s body do their job when your body gets the required supplements for these hormones to operate. The fundamental concept of this therapy lies in the fact that if things are balanced (or nearly as balanced) in your system, irregularities (such as hair fall) start to dwindle in numbers of hair loss.

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