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Pigmentation Removal

Dark spots, age spots, sun spots, scars we can remove all through laser. You may not have deep frown lines or crow's feet, but if you feel like you're ageing, chances are it's thanks to uneven skin tone.

Skin, CoSkin Conditions Treated


    2.Sun Spots


    4.Age Spots (Solar Lentigines)

    5.Flat Pigmented Birthmarks (Congenital Melanocytic Naevi)

About Our Treatment

We have been successfully treating all types of skin pigmentation from freckle removal, sun spots to age spots on facial and body areas. Skin Pigmentation Removal with our advance laser technique is a quick, gentle and non-invasive. This specially designed laser is absorbed only by the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment. It does not affect the surrounding tissues or remove the normal skin colour. The light pulses produced by the laser can feel similar to the flicking of a rubber elastic band and for most people is not too uncomfortable. Immediate darkening is noticed after treatment. For 7-10 days the area will look like a dark scab which eventually sheds off. For deep pigmentation such as melasma our advanced Laser Resurfacing is the skin pigmentation treatment of choice which can remove up to 80% of melanin in one treatment.

How does Laser Pigmentation Removal work?

The laser produces a wavelength of high energy light, which is then converted into heat energy. This can target the specific area of pigmentation because the laser is absorbed only by cells containing an excessive concentration of pigmentation. This causes efficient destruction while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

Benefits of laser Pigmentation Removal

    1.Can minimise and eliminate the appearance of pigmentation

    2.Treats body and facial areas

    3.Minimal side effects and recovery time

    4.Make-up can be worn after treatment

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