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Magical Needle Treatment


Botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Doctors use it in small doses to treat health problems, including:

1. Temporary smoothing of facial wrinkles and improving your appearance.
2. Severe underarm sweating.
3. Cervical dystonia - a neurological disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder muscle contractions.
4. Blepharospasm - uncontrollable blinking.
5. Strabismus - misaligned eyes.
6. Chronic migraine.
7. Overactive bladder.

Botox injections work by weakening or paralyzing certain muscles or by blocking certain nerves. The effects last about three to twelve months, depending on what you are treating. The most common side effects are pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. You could also have flu-like symptoms, headache, and upset stomach. Injections in the face may also cause temporary drooping eyelids. You should not use Botox if you are pregnant or breast feeding. We do provide the Botox injection under utmost care of our Doctors.


Dermal fillers are substances that function to volumize a wrinkle, scar or site of skin or lip volume loss, to improve appearance. The chemistry of such fillers has evolved over time beginning with Collagen injection, the famous progenitor that has since faded into obscurity with better alternatives much less likely to trigger immune reactions. But with the advent of scientific advances and genetic engineering, the Hyaluronic Acid was synthesized and stabilized in the chemistry labs, each slightly different in its structure, density and chemistry.

Gloss uses only the “tried and true” trade names from within this category, selecting three that have huge consumer experience over many years, with statistics that have stood the test of time and utilization. Even the Health Protection agencies in the various countries cannot come close to the power of evidence provided by such broad population exposure over time. The physical and chemical properties of each product and each line are unique but similar, such that individual preferences exist by experienced injectors, and scientific studies have established greater suitability of one over another for certain applications.

The products are immediately smooth, but the effect is even more natural after the molecules in the filler integrate 100% with the molecules in the dermal tissue, such that the skin is naturally filled out. There is no bulkiness. The enhancement is immediate and esthetic. Patient satisfaction is high but expectations must be clear that the effect is best in a few weeks after the molecules have integrated. Bruising is a distinct possibility, and camouflage may be required. The benefit is long lasting.

It is clear that the product has a physiologic effect of increasing synthesis of new cells and natural collagen, further enhancing the duration of benefit. Maintenance requirements seem to reduce with time, perhaps in part as the local tissue has remodelled itself in response to the injections. There is some discomfort with the injections which is relieved by topical or local anaesthetic. The patient is usually pleased with the effects and will have a tendency to return for more treatment in the first year, until restoration of “the look” is achieved. Thereafter, the maintenance will be less frequent.

Skin Lightening Injection

Our Intravenous Glutathione Skin Whitening Treatment can lighten your skin evenly. Glutathione is administered via IV and is able to deposit evenly throughout the body. Glutathione will swop up the oxidative damaged cells (which cause skin to darken) and lighten your skin naturally, safely, evenly and in a healthy manner. It’s the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease — yet you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s the secret to prevent aging and getting the skin whiter. We take utmost care in giving this injection. Please consults your doctor to know more about this treatment.

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