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Skin Rash Treatment

What are Skin Rashes?

All you need to know about Rashes:- Any change in skin appearance or texture is defined as a rash. A rash can appear in any part of your body.

Why does Rashes Appear on Skin?

You would be wondering why this rash even appears? There are various reasons for a rash to appear but it is important to identify the cause of a rash in an early stage so that it can be cured with minimum treatment.We have the best dermatologist in Mumbai Dr. Shikhar who can treat any kind of rash.

What are the causes of a Skin Rashes?

Causes of a rash could vary; it could be genetic, due to some medications, bacterial, viral, and fungal infection, or other medical conditions. It appears as a skin rash and it could appear due to weather changes such as cold weather, hot weather, or dry air. A rash is an indication of a chronic skin condition like psoriasis, eczema, tinea, etc.

What are the early symptoms of Skin Rashes?

Let’s see the symptoms of rashes so that you can identify them in an early stage:-

You may feel itchy, warm, or painful. In some situations, you may not feel any discomfort but you may notice some changes in your skin such as discoloration of skin or texture, some bumps may appear or you may notice some blisters on your skin or a scaly cracked appearance.

Treatment for Rashes

There are different types of treatment for skin rashes, here in Gloss Skin and Hair clinic Dr. Shikhar ( Dermatologist ) will suggest you the treatment after examining the symptoms and the cause of the rash. We may put you on some oral or topical medications and we will call you for a follow-up visit to check on you if it has helped you in improving your skin condition.

Let’s see few types of chronic skin conditions:-

These conditions can not be cured completely but can be managed with treatments. These conditions include Psoriasis, Eczema, Tinea, and Alopecia.

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