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The "Korean Glass Skin" trend refers to a skincare and aesthetic goal of achieving exceptionally clear, smooth, and luminous skin that resembles glass. Achieving this look involves a combination of skincare practices, treatments, and makeup techniques. Here's an overview of the Korean Glass Skin aesthetic and some common treatments associated with it:

Skincare Routine:

1. Double Cleansing: Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, followed by a gentle foaming cleanser to cleanse the skin thoroughly.
2. Exfoliation: Regular but gentle exfoliation is crucial to remove dead skin cells and promote skin renewal. Chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs are commonly used.
3. Hydration: Hydrate the skin using lightweight, hydrating toners, essences, and serums. Layering these products helps retain moisture.
4. Serums and Ampoules: Use serums or ampoules containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and antioxidants to target specific skin concerns.
5. Moisturization: Apply a moisturizer to lock in hydration and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss.
6. Sun Protection: Daily sunscreen with high SPF is essential to protect the skin from UV damage and prevent dark spots and premature aging.

Aesthetic Treatments:

1. Hydra Facial: This facial treatment cleanses, exfoliates, extracts impurities, and hydrates the skin using a combination of serums and suction.
2. Chemical Peels: Mild chemical peels can improve skin texture and tone by exfoliating the outermost skin layers.
3. Microdermabrasion: This treatment uses a machine to exfoliate the skin's outer layer, revealing smoother skin underneath.
4. Laser Therapy: Certain laser treatments, like fractional laser or non-ablative laser, can address skin concerns such as pigmentation and texture.
5. Dermal Fillers: In some cases, dermal fillers are used to enhance skin plumpness and hydration.
6. Micro-needling: Microneedling with the application of serums can improve skin texture and stimulate collagen production.

Makeup Techniques:

1. Dewy Finish: Use makeup products that provide a dewy finish to enhance skin radiance.
2. Minimal Coverage: Korean Glass Skin usually involves minimal foundation or concealer to allow the natural skin texture to shine through.
3. Highlighter: Apply highlighter strategically to areas like the cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of the nose to create a luminous glow.

It's important to note that achieving the Korean Glass Skin aesthetic is an ongoing process that requires a combination of skincare practices, professional treatments, and makeup techniques. Results may vary based on individual skin types and concerns. Gloss Clinic’s dermatologist can recommend personalized skincare and treatment plans. Book your appointment!

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